1) Human Skin Base

Provides Natural Human tissue derived extracellular matrix and associated growth factors

Regenerative Human Matrix
sterile and safe human tissue matrix
Advance Wound care promotes healing

2) Optimal Healing Environment

Provides natural composition and structure recognized by patient cells stimulating a regenerative healing process

3) Ease of Use

Ready to use right off the shelf.

Open package, cut to size and apply

4) Cost Effective

Faster and more effective healing = Cost saving

DermGEN™ vs Standard Of Care

Average Number of Weeks for Healing

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DermGEN™ vs Standard Of Care

Cost per Treatment (average)

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5) Reduce Recurrence

Recurrence of ulcer is reduced after treatment with DermGEN

Less chances of reulceration of diabetic foot ulcer.
Regenerative tissue matrix are sterile and reduces chance of an infection
DermGEN can be incorporated into wound bed within 1 week
Sole Manufacture of DermGen
Phone : (807) 346 2265 
Production of DermGEN

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Advance Regenerative tissue matrix.

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