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DeCell Technologies Inc. is a Biomedical Technology innovation company that is developing advanced tissue products for use in wound healing and surgical reconstructions. DeCell Technologies’ main facilities are located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

prECM™ technology

This patented, innovative prECM™ technology processes donated human tissue removing cellular components (source of rejection) while leaving the structural protein matrix of the tissue intact. During processing, potential bacteria and viruses are also deactivated and removed resulting in a sterile, safe, and effective biological scaffold that promotes tissue regeneration when implanted into a patient.

Sole Manufacture of DermGen
Phone : (807) 346 2265 
Production of DermGEN

DeCell Technologies Inc. , PO Box 60025, Halifax, NS B3H 4R7,

Phone: (902) 223-2179 or (902) 817-0804,

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Advance Regenerative tissue matrix.

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